Georgios Rizos - Doctoral Candidate at Imperial College

Georgios Rizos is a doctoral candidate at Imperial College London, UK, working on deep uncertainty quantification of multimodal data as a member of the Group on Language, Audio, and Music (GLAM). His PhD work is supervised by Dr. Björn Schuller and funded by the prestigious President's Scholarship of Imperial College London (EPSRC Grant No. 2021037).

Between 2013 and 2017, he was a research assistant at the Information Technologies Institute of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH-ITI), working on machine learning for online social network data as part of the Multimedia Knowledge and Social Media Analytics Lab (MKLab), and supervised by Drs. Symeon Papadopoulos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris.

Georgios holds a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (2012), and an MSc with distinction in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London (2013).

Research interests include analysis of multimodal data (vision, audio, text, graphs), quantification of different factors of predictive uncertainty, and application thereof on active and reinforcement learning.

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Imperial College London, UK

PhD in Computing @GLAM

Oct 2017 - Sep 2021 (expected)

Advised by Dr. Björn Schuller on Deep Multi-Factor Uncertainty Modelling

  • 6 conference papers (2 under review), 1 journal article (under revision), 1 abstract
  • Contributed to the organisation of 2 machine learning challenges
  • Awarded the prestigious, full President’s scholarship by Imperial College [Q/A]
  • Helped supervise 7 MSc/BSc theses and 3 undergraduate placements
  • Worked as a teaching assistant in 7 courses (BSc & MSc Computing)

Imperial College London, UK

MSc with distinction in Biomedical Engineering @B&BLab

Sep 2012 - Sep 2013

Advised by Dr. Aldo Faisal on Model-based Reinforcement Learning for Drug Delivery

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering @CSALab

Sep 2005 - Sep 2012

Advised by Dr. Nikos Pitsianis on Fast Local Correlation Coefficients (FLCC) Library


Information Technologies Institute (CERTH-ITI)

Research Assistant @MKLab

Dec 2013 - Jul 2017

Advised by Dr. Symeon Papadopoulos and Dr. Ioannis Kompatsiaris

  • 1 journal article, 1 workshop paper, and 1 extended abstract
  • Machine learning, and graph data analysis for online social media research
  • Participation in European Commision projects: STEP H2020 and REVEAL FP7
  • User requirements adaptation, R&D, project deliverables, integration
  • Collaboration with end users, researchers and software engineers

Veltio Greece Ltd

Intern Software Engineer

Mar 2012 - May 2012

  • Core C++ data analysis library development
  • Exposing core library API through Python



(After first revision) Poisson CNN: Convolutional Neural Networks for the Solution of the Poisson Equation with Varying Meshes and Dirichlet Boundary Conditions [arxiv]
Ozbay, A. G., Tzirakis, P., Rizos, G., Schuller, B. & Laizet S.
In Computers and Fluids (2019) (2018 IF: 2.223)

Multilabel User Classification Using the Community Structure of Online Networks [paper]
(First) Rizos, G., Papadopoulos, S., & Kompatsiaris, Y.
In PloS one (2017, March) (2017 IF: 2.766)


(Submitted) Deep Attentive End-to-End Continuous Breath Sensing from Speech
(Co-first) Rizos, G., MacIntyre, A., Batliner, A., Baird, A., Amiriparian, S., Hamilton, A., & Schuller, B.
In Interspeech 2020, September

(Submitted) Uncertainty-Aware Machine Support for Paper Reviewing on the Interspeech 2019 Submission Corpus
(Co-first) Rizos, G., Stappen, L, Hasan, M., Hain, T., & Schuller, B.
In Interspeech 2020, September

(Accepted) MuSe 2020 -- The First International Multimodal Sentiment Analysis in Real-life Media Challenge and Workshop [arxiv]
Stappen, L., Baird, A., Rizos, G., Tzirakis, P., Du, X., Hafner, F., Schumann, L., Mallol-Ragolta, A., Schuller, B., Lefter, I., Cambria, E., & Kompatsiaris, Y.
In ACM MM 2020, October

(Accepted) The INTERSPEECH 2020 Computational Paralinguistics Challenge: Elderly Emotion, Breathing & Masks [whitepaper]
Schuller, B., Batliner, A., Bergler, C., Messner, E.M., Hamilton, A., Amiriparian, S., Baird, A., Rizos, G., Schmitt, M., Stappen, L., Baumeister, H., MacIntyre, A., & Hantke, S.
In Interspeech 2020, September

(Accepted) Average Jane, Where Art Thou? – Recent Avenues in Efficient Machine Learning under Subjectivity Uncertainty
(Co-first) Rizos, G., & Schuller, B.
In IPMU 2020, June

StarGAN for Emotional Speech Conversion: Validated by Data Augmentation of End-to-End Emotion Recognition[paper]
(First) Rizos, G., Baird, A., Elliot, M., & Schuller, B.
In ICASSP 2020, May

Augment to Prevent: Short-Text Data Augmentation in Deep Learning for Hate-Speech Classification [paper] [blog]
(Co-first) Rizos, G., Hemker, K., & Schuller, B.
In CIKM 2019, November (20% acceptance rate)

Modelling Sample Informativeness for Deep Affective Computing [paper]
(First) Rizos, G., & Schuller, B.
In ICASSP 2019, July

Fast Computation of Local Correlation Coefficients on Graphics Processing Units [paper]
Papamakarios, G., Rizos, G., Pitsianis, N. P., & Sun, X.
In SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications 2009, August


Predicting News Popularity by Mining Online Discussions [paper] [blog]
(First) Rizos, G., Papadopoulos, S., & Kompatsiaris, Y.
In WWW SNOW 2016, April

Conference (no proceedings) / Abstract

Convolutional Neural Networks for the Solution of the 2D Poisson Equation with Arbitrary Dirichlet Boundary Conditions, Mesh Sizes and Grid Spacings [abstract]
Ozbay, A. G., Tzirakis, P., Rizos, G., Schuller, B. & Laizet S.
In Bulletin of the American Physical Society 2019, November

Learning to Classify Users in Online Interaction Networks [paper]
(First) Rizos, G., Papadopoulos, S., & Kompatsiaris, Y.
In ICCSS 2015, June



  • IEEE - Transactions on Cybernetics (IF: 8.803): 2
  • Elsevier - International Journal of Approximate Reasoning (IF: 2.696): 1
  • Elsevier - Information Systems (IF: 1.832): 1
  • IET - Signal Processing (IF: 1.298): 1
  • IEEE - Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence (IF: 0.660): 1
  • Springer - Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Electrical Engineering (IF: 0.107): 1

PC Member

  • SocInfo ’14,’15,’16,’17, COMPSAC/HCSC ’16,’17,’18 WWW/SNOW ’16,’17, ESCSS ’17, ICCSS ’18,’19, ACL ’20.

Officially subreviewed

  • MMM ’15, ECIR ’15,’17, ICMR ’17, ICWSM ’20.

Honors, Awards, and Scholarships

  • Awarded the full President’s scholarship, Imperial College London, 2017
  • Offered the full HiPEDS CDT scholarship, Imperial College London, 2017
  • Distinction in MSc in Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London, 2013
  • Awarded merit-based funding for short industrial placement during MEng, Aristotle University Thessaloniki, 2012
  • The Great Moment for Education: Award for outstanding performance in the Greek National Exams, Eurobank EFG Group, Greece, 2005


I have helped in tutoring & marking as a Teaching Assistant at Imperial College. In cases, I have led small group tutorials or helped develop tutorial & assignment material

  • Computing MSc: Deep Learning, 2019-2020
  • 2nd year Computing BSc: Probability and Statistics, 2018 and Computational Techniques, 2018
  • 1st year Computing BSc: Mathematical Methods, 2018 and Hardware, 2018-2019

I have supervised a number of practical sessions for the Machine Learning and Data Science Workshop 2020 (MLDS ’20) organised by Cantab Academy Ltd.